Finding Cash saved my fiancé. In November of 2017 his childhood dog, Zoey, crossed the rainbow bridge. She was 15 and had lived a long and happy life with an amazing family to care for her especially in her old age. She had been a big part of my life but to my fiancé she had been his first love. Losing her changed him. And it took awhile for him to accept her passing. In 2018 my sister rescued her puppy from Sweet Paws Rescue and I ended up looking them up. I found this sweet, brown eyed, black puppy on their adoption page named “Jedi”. To me it was a sign. Josh grew up as a Star Wars nerd and there was many a year he dressed Zoey up to match him for Halloween. I immediately sent his picture to Josh and in seconds I had an application submitted and we started the rescue process. I will never forget bringing Cash home. I walked in holding this 40 pound, lanky, lab pit mix and Joshs face lit up. And Cash was wiggling to get out of my arms and over to him. The two have been attached at the hip since. Now almost a year later, I believe Zoey sent Cash to us. Their love makes my heart happy every single day. Thank you Sweet Paws for helping us find my finance’s new best friend. And thank you Zoey for bringing Cash to us and keeping your boy happy.

Brenda Riddell