Maddie and Teddy


Two years ago we adopted our first rescue pup Maddie from Sweet Paws Rescue. She was found in a trash can in Mississippi still full of milk from having puppies (and them obviously not being weaned correctly). Someone had decided they were done with her and threw her away, quite literally like a piece of garbage. But, my girl is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Despite what she's been through (I can only imagine it's been quite a lot) she only wants love. She is her happiest when she is hugging someone and showering them with kisses. She loves every person she meets. She sleeps in bed with us, albeit often kicking one of us to the couch. We don't mind too much because after the life she's lived she deserves to sleep in a nice bed each night. We can't imagine our lives without our Maddie girl.


And then, when we thought our house was full having rescued Maddie and already having her big brother Jax, we decided Maddie would love to be a big sister herself. Just one month ago, we adopted our Teddy, again from Sweet Paws. Teddy and his brother were found living along a road, covered with mange. Teddy had lost a lot of his hair and was covered in scabs. While his brother healed a lot faster and was adopted a few weeks before him, Teddy remained down in Mississippi until his skin was a little better. In just the three and a half weeks that we've had him we've seen him blossom into this very quirky, fun loving pup. He adores Maddie and the two of them are often playing. He's great with kids and seems to favor our 6 year old to us. His hair is starting to grow back and he's so much fun to have. Our favorite thing about him is that when he wants your attention he will take your hand and put it on his if to say, "Please pet me now".

People think because dogs are rescues that they are damaged or something is wrong with them. They're hesitant to adopt Rescue pups that aren't puppy-aged because they think they come scarred. Maddie was about 2 when we adopted her and Teddy is about 1.5 years old and I would never say my babies are anything but great dogs. All dogs at the end of the day just want to feel safe. As I sit here writing this while my three dogs sleep peacefully on our couch I know that we wouldn't have life any other way.

Brenda Riddell