George's rescue started with me losing my Wally dog of 14+ years. He was huge (both in size and love). I never thought I would be able to replace him. I was beside myself when I had to put him out of his pain. I decided I needed a break, it was just too hard. Well meaning friends kept sending pictures of dogs in shelters, while others told me I was doing the right thing...that my work schedule was not fair to a new dog and it would be too hard for them to learn my routine.


Then this picture popped up in my FB feed and I fell instantly in love. You see it was Wally all over again and it was accompanied by the poem from a rescue dog asking for people to not shut their hearts off when they lose one pet member and to give all the love they had given to that former pet to a new pet in need. I knew right then that "Baby" (now known as George) was mine.


The day after Thanksgiving I got up early and drove half way to Manhattan to pick this baby up, only to find out the shelter was closed. I was beside myself as George was on the "to be destroyed" list. I wasn't sure he would make it another day...his crime...kennel cough! So the following day I drove back to Manhattan, arrived at the shelter as it opened at 9 and was about 57th in line. I stood in the corridor until 4:30 that afternoon listing to the pitiful cries of hundreds of dogs, mostly pitbull types. No one could tell me if George had been euthanized or not, they kept telling me I had to wait my turn. Longest day of my life...I was already in love and committed to this dog!

Finally my number was called, we filled the paperwork out and was told I needed to go downstairs to the euthanization room and I better hurry, he was up next to be destroyed....I ran...the gentleman at the door asked if I was sure I wanted THAT dog. I said yes and we went to get him. When they opened the kennel door George dove out and ran straight at me and literally jumped into my arms. He has never left as he also dove into my heart. He is part pain in the butt, part cat antagonist, part ball hunter and total love bug. I would never trade this big ball of mush for anything in the world!

Brenda Riddell