Scarlett was at a high kill shelter. Notorious for their Tuesday 4pm deadlines, several rescues in the area swamp social media with photos and bios of the dogs they have tagged for them. If they can get a foster, the dogs can be saved. One week, there were 36 on the block. By Sunday night, they were down to 7 but for some reason, this week, I couldn’t let it go. I contacted a rescue and asked how many were left. She said they ended up being all set…except a sweet black lab’s foster fell through. They only needed someone to take her for a couple of weeks until they could transport her to a long term transport. Everyone at the shelter loves her. I said definitely.

My 12 year old son, Brady and I drove down to the rural shelter and got her literally one hour before she would have been put down. Of course, she would have needed to have been Cujo for us not to take her anyway but they were right. Super sweet, big brown eyes and terrified.

Brady sat in the back with her and she laid on the floor and as long as he spoke to her, she was pretty good for the ride home. Well...then we got to the house. Scarlett was scared to go through doorways, down hallways, around corners...she sat on one living room chair and treated the floor like lava for about THREE days! She found one route over the back of the chair to the back door that she was comfortable with to go outside and that route had to have her food and water on it.

It took us over a month of love, earning trust and lots of treats for Scarlett to actually see every part of the house. She is still nervous around certain corners but if we are on the other side, she will come. She is the queen of fetch, walks, and loves us fiercely. Her collar is actually from LILO and Stitch and says “OHANA means family” We love her and she is leader of our pack!

Brenda Riddell