Over thirteen years ago I was privileged to meet a wonderful lady in MO. She has run a dog rescue for many years and had recently pulled a little white pup from a dog auction to keep him safe. You see when a puppy mill does not sell all their dogs, they auction them off or press them back into service breeding more dogs.

This little white pup was a West Highland White Terrier, or Westie, who had floppy ears and the cutest black eyes and nose. She named him Dandy.

At the time I was doing rescue work for a mini schnauzer organization. I was receiving dogs, fostering and finding good adoptive homes for them. Dandy was sent to me, so that I could find him a good home. Once he arrived in NH, my son and I fell in love with this smart little pup. Dandy would teach the other pups all his tricks, like getting out of the dog run, how to escape from any gated area (he climbed the gate), as well as how to get out of a crate. He was an escape artist! And we just loved his saucy personality. Dandy still sleeps next to me at night and is sitting right next to me as I write this. I am so lucky to have this pup as my constant companion for the last 13 plus years. At times I think he was sent to save me. Nothing makes me laugh or gives me as much joy and comfort as he or my other rescue dogs have.

We never did think of a better name for him. He was Dandy in every way!

Brenda Riddell