Meet Simon. 10 plus years ago he was left in an alley in Manchester, NH with several brothers and sisters. They lived in a cardboard box, were covered in fleas and ear mites. There were pieces of undetermined food and critters in the box with them. Their mother had abandoned them as well. I found Simon at the Animal Rescue League after some person with a heart had brought them all there. 

Originally, I was going to take Simon’s little gray sister with blue eyes. But the woman at the shelter said, “No. This is the right cat for you!” I held him, but he hated me! She assured me that he hated everyone! She insisted that is why it was so important I take him…she just had this gut feeling. I believed her! 

Simon still hides when anyone comes in the house. He hides when trucks go by. He does not let me pick him up, nor do I try. But Simon climbs up and has coffee in my lap every morning, and sits with me every night when I read.

Brenda Riddell