Berkeley and Riley


Berkeley was the first. We had just moved into a place where we could finally have a dog join our family, and my wife and I both had our hearts set on “Estelle” at the shelter. She was a bit apprehensive about many things, including coming home with us, but she soon fit right into the mix. Always friendly with other dogs and willing to kiss any human to cross her path.

Then, on somewhat of a whim, we decided Berkeley needed a sibling. When we got to the shelter, we found there was only one puppy left - a girl named “Sue”. This one was a spitfire and immediately came to each of our sides, trying to play with each of us. An instant fit! Berkeley and Riley (Sue) got along like gangbusters and still play with each other every day (often barking and howling at 6 AM).

Riley is still a handful and Berkshire can still be apprehensive (of weird things like sprinkles), but they’re family, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Brenda Riddell