Nur, Cooper and Holden


Our 3 pups traveled thousands of miles to live the American dream having been rescued from war torn Afghanistan by military and government workers stationed there. Nur, who’s name means “light” was rescued by a government worker by day and doggy hero by night. Nicknamed “Uncle Spidey” he rescued and helped save countless dogs during his 3 years in country. He found Nur, abandoned, filthy and starving one night outside his compound. One call to her and she was by his side from that day until the day months later, that he brought her to the US and allowed us to give his girl a forever home. He named her “Nur” because she was the light of his life while in an otherwise dark and unforgiving place. A few years later came Cooper. Rescued with his littermates when he was just a tiny pup. An Army platoon found them one day along with their mom who had been shot and killed. Knowing they would not survive on their own, the platoon scooped them up and cared for them until they could be brought to the US. Two years later came Holden. Again rescued with his littermates but luckily this time, Mom survived and was rescued too! They were cared for by an American who has made it her life’s work to help & rescue the unwanted animals of Afghanistan. Life for many animals there is harsh, unforgiving, cruel and often not long. We are forever grateful to our brave men and women serving overseas who had the heart and courage to save these innocent creatures while protecting our freedoms. And to Puppy Rescue Mission and Afghan Stray Animal League for keeping the safe and giving them an opportunity to live the life every dog deserves!

Brenda Riddell