Emma and Rylee


Emma and Rylee are both rescue pups from SPR. Emma’s story breaks my heart. She was from Syria where she was a family pet. Unfortunately, the family needed to seek asylum and Emma could not go. SPR brought her all the way to MA where we scooped her right up! She is the best dog!!

Rylee was found as a puppy by a vet in Mississippi. They kept her locked up in a kennel for 6 months before deciding that she was ‘no longer worth the resources’. We opted to foster Rylee (I really didn’t think we could take on another dog full time) and within 20 minutes of having her she jumped out of the car. After an almost 24 hour search, a 3 year old boy was able to catch her. From that moment we knew she was stuck with us! She has been the sweetest, craziest addition to our family!

Brenda Riddell